In-Situ Level TROLL 700
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Unit w/Sensor Range of 69ft (30psig) $75 $157.50 $450
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100' Vented Poly Cable $30 $70 $200
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100' Vented ETFE Cable $30 $70 $200
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200' Vented ETFE Cable $52.50 $122.50 $350
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Communications Bundle $15.75 $36.75 $105
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The In-Situ Level TROLL® 700 measures and records water level, pressure, and temperature. Both vented (gauged) and non-vented (absolute) measurement systems are available. Choose from six gauged ranges (5 psig to 500 psig) or from five absolute ranges (30 psia to 1,000 psia).

Self-compensating, vented In-Situ Level TROLL 700 Loggers significantly reduce time required to post process data. For non-vented systems, use an In-Situ BaroTROLL® Logger to compensate data for barometric pressure changes.

To accommodate data collection requirements for aquifer pumping tests and tide/harbor fluctuations, the Level TROLL 700 offers fastest logging and Modbus rates of 4 readings per second.


  • Aquifer characterization—step-drawdown and constant-rate pumping tests
  • Multi-zone aquifer monitoring systems
  • Tide/harbor monitoring—advanced logging modes and fast logging rates improve data collection
  • Barometric efficiency calculations when using a vented Level TROLL 700 with a BaroTROLL Data Logger
  • Versatile Water Level Sensor for Specialized Data Collection
  • Deploy in sub-1 inch wells and other narrow enclosures.
  • Choose from Linear, Fast Linear, Linear Average, Event, Step Linear, and True Logarithmic logging modes.
  • Integrate with telemetry systems, radios, controllers, SCADA/PLC systems, and third-party data loggers and samplers.
  • Get real-time data access with RuggedCable® Systems that include patented twist-lock connectors for error-free deployments.
  • Use with intuitive Win-Situ® Software for programming and data retrieval.
  • Be confident in your results. Each logger includes a NIST®-traceable calibration report over the full pressure and temperature range.