INW AquiStar® WaveData Host Box
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INW AquiStar® WaveData Host Box $25 $52.50 $150

Instrumentation Northwest's (INW) WaveData Wireless Data Collection Systems combine INW's patented AquiStar® Smart Sensor/Dataloggers with modems and/or radio frequency units to create powerful data collection and water monitoring systems.

AquiStar® Smart Sensors communicate using industry standard digital RS485 interfaces and Modbus communication protocols. They store thousands of records, operate on low power, and feature easy-to-use software with powerful features, including the ability to create complex test sequences and display upoaded data in tables and graphs.

  • For use with AquiStar® Smart Sensors
  • Radio Frequency Wireless Units
  • License-free radio bands
  • Long life batteries
  • Less expensive than cabling
  • Power Supplies with Solar or Line Power Charging Options
  • Compact - Easy to Install
  • Weather Proof (IP67 or NEMA 4X)
  • Easy-to-Use Software

Contact your Field Environmental Instruments customer service representative for information and to learn more about how we can assist you with customizing the system to meet your project requirements.