Greyline PDFM-IV Doppler Flow Meter
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Greyline PDFM-IV Doppler Flow Meter $135 $315 $900 

Use a Greyline PDFM-IV Portable Doppler Flow Meter to monitor and balance flow, or to troubleshoot flow problems in closed pipes. It is ideal to evaluate performance of in-line flow meters and can be installed, calibrated and started-up in minutes. Use it for projects where a permanent flowmeter is not required or to temporarily replace installed flow transmitters. 

The PDFM-IV ultrasonic sensor is strapped on the outside of a pipe. An acoustic pulse is reflected back to the sensor from particles or gases in the flowing liquid. The flow rate of any fluid can be measured as long as it contains air bubbles or solids. It is ideal for wastewater, slurries, sludge, and most chemicals, acids, caustics, and lubrication fluids.