Gilian 12 HFS Pump Sale
Specifications Sheet
Gilian 12 HFS Pump and Charger-4-10 LPM-Single Pump and Charger (#910-1601-US) $1,550 Add to Cart
Gilian 12 HFS Pump and Charger-4-10 LPM-5 Pack w/5 Unit Charger (#910-1605-US) $7,600 Add to Cart

The high-flow capability of the Gilian 12 enables sampling capability for applications with flow rates between 4LPM and 12 LPM. With an NiMH battery, this instrument has a quick-charge time in under four hours and eliminates shipping and disposal issues.

The Gilian 12 offers a four-stage program with repeat cycling for scheduled sampling or intermittent duty cycles. The user can also program for a delayed start.

Its simple four-button design makes the pump easier to understand and operate. Large display continuously shows real-time flow, total sample time and total volume sampled. The instrument's special flow control circuitry automatically compensates for changes in flow rate, back-pressure and temperature.