Gilian Challenger Air Flow Calibrator Sale
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Gilian Challenger Air Flow Calibrator Deluxe Kit (# 811-9911-03) $1,495

Introducing The Challenger air flow calibrator for verifying and calibrating Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling Instruments and other air sampling devices. The Challenger is accurate within 0.75% of reading and provides a LCD indication of Volumetric and Standard flow rate, barometric pressure and ambient temperature.

The heart of The Challenger is the Venturi. It is made from aluminum and has no sharp edges or moving parts. The instrument, depending on the configuration, is capable of covering the flow rate range of 1 to 30 LPM. The Challenger offers a 90% recovery of pressure drop which is key to performing a reliable calibration. Because flow through the instrument is uninterrupted, our graphic software provides a continuous output display of all functions. This continuous output makes it very simple to configure The Challenger. Each unit is furnished with a NIST Traceable Certificate and, after adding batteries (4 AA cells), The Challenger is immediately ready to meet your calibration needs.