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Mini-Diver Sensor-10m/30ft (#DI501) $575 Add to Cart
Mini-Diver Sensor-20m/60ft (#DI502) $575 Add to Cart
Mini-Diver Sensor-50m/160ft (#DI505) $575 Add to Cart
Mini-Diver Sensor-100m/325ft (#DI510) $575 Add to Cart

Cost-Effective and Reliable 

The Mini-Diver is based on an ingenious and proven concept and is acknowledged as the most reliable instrument for the autonomous measuring and recording of groundwater level and temperature. Its internal memory of 24,000 measurements per parameter provides sufficient capacity to perform nearly one measurement every ten minutes for six months. For each measurement, the Diver registers the date and time, groundwater level, and temperature.


  • Compact size: Ø 22mm - length 90mm
  • 24,000 records of time stamp, pressure, and temperature
  • 30-point pressure factory calibration


  • Easy installation in almost every well
  • Cost-effective frequent, long-term measuring
  • Reliable and accurate data
  • Low maintenance, no user calibration


  • Long-term water level monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring projects
  • Groundwater monitoring network automation
  • Watershed, drainage basin, and recharge areas
  • Stream gauging, lake levels, and reservoirs
  • Wetlands and storm water run-off monitoring