Proactive Controller Low Flow w/Power Booster 1XL& LCD (SS Mega-Typhoon) Sale
Product Brochure
Proactive Controller Low Flow w/Power Booster 1XL & LCD (#PA-10660) $860

The Proactive Low Flow w/Power Booster I Controller w/LCD Screen is engineered specifically for the Proactive Stainless Steel XL Series Mega-Typhoon high performance pump. This controller will boost 12 volts to a constant 19 volts, thus maximizing purging efforts. This device can also be used to achieve low flow sampling and lets the technician sample as low as 40ml/min. Finally, the technician now has the ability to either use this controller to sample wells in accordance to EPA field sampling guidelines.

And, with the Low Flow w/Power Booster 1XL & LCD Controller, the field technician can control the water discharge all the way down to 10 M/L per minute from 80 feet or less, meeting and exceeding the EPA groundwater guidelines for Low Flow Sampling.

Now, sample with peace of mind! Easy to read, glow in the dark LCD display conveniently placed on top of the Low Flow w/Power Booster 1XL & LCD Controller makes adjusting and reading the discharge rate a breeze.