Proactive Controller Low Flow w/Power Booster 2XL & LCD (SS-Monsoon) Sale
Product Brochure
Proactive Low Flow w/Power Booster II & LCD (#PA-10670)  $860

This Controller is specifically engineered for the Proactive Stainless Steel Monsoon XL Series   and is rated for a continuous 25 amps. Only weighing 2 pounds, The Low Flow w/Power Booster 2XL & LCD Controller is constructed of a heavy duty NEMA 4 steel casing. For added safety, this controller is engineered with a reverse polarity protection circuitry that incorporates a 30 amp fuse to protect the controller and user.

The controller is also protected with a current limitation circuitry and thermal overload protection. Easy to read, glow in the dark LCD display conveniently placed on top of the Low Flow w/Power Booster II LCD Controller makes adjusting and reading the discharge rate a breeze.

Purge or Low Flow Sample With One Easy Dial

Once turned on, the Low Flow w/Power Booster 2XL & LCD Controller has the ability to boost a 12 volt dc battery to a constant 19 volts by means of Constant Voltage Regulation (CVR) Technology; by accomplishing this, the Stainless Steel Monsoon high performance pump motor will be energized with a constant 14 volts. In short, it has the ability to lift up to 120 feet from ground water level.

And, with the Low Flow w/Power Booster II LCD Controller, the Field Technician can control the water discharge all the way down to 10 mL per minute from 130 feet or less, meeting and exceeding the EPA groundwater guidelines for Low Flow Sampling.