Geotech SS Geosub Sampling Pump Sale

Specification Sheet

AC Operation

SS Geosub 100' Reel (#81400143) $1,700 Add to Cart
SS Geosub 150' Reel (#81400142)  $1,900 Add to Cart
SS Geosub 200' Reel (#81400141) $2,200 Add to Cart
Geotech SS Geosub AC Controller (#81200034) $1,685 Add to Cart

Designed with all stainless steel components, the SS Geosub allows you to ample in the harshest well conditions with confidence. The SS Geosub operates with AC Controller.

The AC Controller is designed specifically for use with Geotech's SS Geosub. It provides safe, conditioned variable DC output power from an AC power source. Built-in sensing gives the operator accurate and precise control over the pump during sampling events. An average 1000 Watt gasoline powered generator with 1 gallon of gasoline will operate the AC Controller and Geotech's sampling pump at full power for 18 hours continuously. Generally much longer runtimes can be expected as the controller is used to reduce water flow for low flow sampling.