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GPR-3000 $500 $1,500 $4,500
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GPR-3000 Antenna (400MHz) $65 $190 $570
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The GSSI SIR-3000 is the industry’s number one choice for data accuracy and versatility. It is a tool developed to save time, money and even lives.

The SIR-3000 is a small, lightweight system designed for single-user operation. This product provides the essential features and flexibility that experienced GPR users require, as well as
simplified, application-specific user interfaces for inexperienced GPR users.

The SIR-3000 incorporates advanced signal processing and display capability for ‘in-the-field’ 3D imaging. Unlike other data acquisition products on the market, the SIR-3000 is interchangeable with all GSSI antennas, making it an affordable and flexible option for multi-application users.


  • Concrete inspection
  • Utility location
  • Geological investigation
  • Archaeology
  • Forensics
  • Bridge deck inspection
  • Mining 
  • Turf analysis