We're Here When You Need Us!

FEI knows you can’t afford downtime during any phase of your project. For this reason alone a number of quality control measures and support efforts are taken before, during and after equipment rentals.

How does FEI prepare equipment?

  • Customer service representatives review the order with service technicians.
  • Service technicians perform quality control assessment, cleaning and calibration; complimentary supplies such as batteries, filters are included with order.
  • Shipping department staff carefully packages equipment, supplies, peripherals, return labels and instructions.

GOAL: To rent equipment that works out of the box and for the duration of rental.

What if you need technical help?

  • Call FEI's 24-hour Tech Support at 800-393-4009.
  • Because equipment can be compromised during shipping, orders are delivered one day prior to your rental start date so you can check operational status.
  • Project site conditions are never ideal and any number of factors can cause equipment to malfunction. Most issues are solved with a call to tech support.

GOAL: To have the most experienced, reliable technical support team.

What happens when equipment is returned?

  • FEI's technicians assess equipment as soon as it arrives at any of our offices.
  • Equipment is cleaned, calibrated, serviced before it is placed back in the rental pool.

GOAL: To warehouse well-maintained, working equipment at all offices. They stand ready to fulfill customer orders when they are placed.