Schonstedt MAC-51Bx Magnetic & Cable Locator

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Schonstedt MAC-51Bx Magnetic & Cable Locator $67.50 $157.50 $450 

The unique dual function MAC-51Bx receiver is designed to be used in conjunction with the transmitter for tracing buried cables, ferrous/nonferrous pipes, metallized warning tapes, and plastic pipes with tracers. Or it can be used alone to locate any object with a magnetic field water and gas valves, septic tank handles, manhole covers, etc. Featuring a switch which allows you to choose between the high frequency (82.3 KHz) and the low frequency (571 Hz), the MAC-51Bx lets you locate a complete break using the LO mode and then continue on to trace beyond the break in the HI mode, or trace a metal pipe joined with non-conductive gaskets.