Project Consultation and System Engineering

Understanding your project goals and the real-time data you need to support them is the first, and most important, step in providing solutions that will work best for you. The FEI Built to SPEC team recommends the best equipment and instruments from the industry's top manufacturers.

Wireless Connectivity, Power Options and Instrument Integration

The latest sensors, detectors, gauges and monitors from leading manufacturers are connected to a low-power radio, local mesh network. Just as important as the uninterrupted data collection--the network is flexible and scalable allowing adaptations to your project requirements.

Installation, Technical Support and On-site Training

  • The technical support provided depends on your internal resources.
  • We have the expertise to assist you in a variety of ways. The FEI Built to SPEC team will provide:
  • 24-hour technical support
  • Equipment training and data management instruction remotely via the Internet, on site or in the FEI training center
  • Installation and system deployment assistance

The team knows that the level of support you need depends on your staff expertise and resources at any given time. We welcome the opportunity to assist customers.


FEI's Built to SPEC program is an essential component of the Real-Time Data Network. Click here to learn more