DG HazMat Shipping Procedures

DOT on the BOX

It’s not a new Dr. Seuss Book. It’s Represents DG/HazMat Shipping Procedures.

FEI devotes a considerable amount of time to ensure safe shipping and handling of all DG/HazMat items. Our procedures are in effect from the moment you place your order to the DOT on the BOX.

All DG/Hazmat items are color-coded so staff is alerted to specific internal DOT procedures for fulfillment, packaging, shipping, and handling. Important details including items that are “drop ship only” from the manufacturer, what cannot be shipped in the same box, and special packing instructions are included in the process.

FEI staff receives training during orientation and refresher training every year to ensure they understand the internal policies and procedures. All of our shippers are Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Air Transportation Association (IATA) trained, and are certified to ship dangerous goods and hazardous materials. What’s more, they are the only members of our staff permitted to ship DG/HazMat orders.


You may only see the DOT, but it’s important to know that each color represents a detailed, comprehensive shipping process All colors set forth the proper shipping, handling, and box markings of each item in the order according to its category.

Each color represents a class of DG/ HazMat so FEI shipping managers have a clear understanding of what FEI must do to comply with safe shipping and handling of instruments and supplies.

  • Red Dots=Compressed Gases, IDGH, ADGH
  • Green Dots=LBATT, NLBATT
  • Blue Dots=Excepted Quantity/Specific Quantity Materials


At first stage of order processing stage, DG/HazMat items are set apart from other orders using the color codes mentioned above. Not only does the line item print in its assigned color on the order sheet, the corresponding letter (R=Red, G=Green, B=Blue) also prints on the form. These important visual triggers help all FEI employees recognize DG/HazMat orders.

Additionally, end of day shipping procedures ensure another review to confirm that all DG/ HazMat items were in compliance with safe handling.


NOTHING! DG/HazMat items may NOT be returned to FEI.

This is for your benefit. It is illegal for you to ship DG/HazMat items if you are not certified by the Department of Transportation (DOT) or by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). Failure to comply with these government rules and regulations can result in serious penalties for you and your business. These include fines, injunctions, seizure of property, as well as imprisonment.

There is one exception—you can return N2 and CO2 rental tanks. And, we make it easy for you. A return shipping packet containing what you need to properly return your rental tanks is included with your order. Two critical things to do when returning the tanks:

  • The tanks MUST be emptied completely of their contents so they are no longer classified as DG/HazMat.
  • If using the original shipping box, use the FEI Thank You stickers provided to cover ALL of the DG/Hazmat markings and placarding on the box. The only reason these tanks are allowed to be shipped back to us is because once they are emptied they are no longer a DG/HazMat item.