Internal Combustion Engines (Trash Pumps, Generators)

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations: Part 173.220

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations: Part 173.220 (PDF)

International Air Transport Association (IATA) UN3166 (PDF)

Internal combustion engines, self-propelled vehicles, mechanical equipment containing internal combustion engines, battery-powered vehicle or equipment or machinery, fuel cell-powered equipment or machinery.

The PDFs provided have been highlighted to identify the regulations that apply to the trash pumps and generators FEI carries in its rental pool. FEI shipping staff has been trained and approved to ship the equipment we rent.

In addition, FEI is providing our customers with the infromation they need to return this equipment responsibly. Please adhere to Department of Transportation and International Air Transport regulations to ensure the unit is completely empty of any flammable liquid and void of any flammable fumes. This process is time consuming and difficult and could also damage the equipment if not done correctly because of the mechanical nature of dismantling components.