Trimble Yuma 2 Tablet Computer
Trimble Yuma 2 Tablet Datasheet
Trimble Yuma 2 Tablet Computer $100 $300 $900

The Yuma 2 tablet offers the best sunlight readable display on the market and a 1-2 meter real-time Enhanced GPS positional accuracy using SBAS satellites.

The Enhanced GPS is integrated into the tablet form factor, adding no weight or need to attach an external antenna to collect GPS data. Available in two configurations, the Yuma 2 GL is the tablet with Enhanced GPS, and the GLX adds 3.75G data connectivity. The Yuma 2 GL and GLX, using the GPS L1 band, offer reliable performance in reduced signal environments. Field workers who have to move from place to place to collect far-flung assets won't have to waste time waiting for a system warm-up: the Yuma 2 G tests at an average cold start of less than 33 seconds, and a warm start of less than 3 seconds. The Yuma 2 GL is also designed to work with Trimble VRS, a solution provided by Trimble Positioning Services. The GLX version also adds the 3.75 GSM data connectivity option into the tablet.

Both the standard, 2-4 meter GPS configurations and the new, 1-2 meter Enhanced GPS models of the Yuma 2 supports connecting an external GPS antenna that can be utilized when users are on foot or inside a vehicle, for even more accuracy as needed.