Apogee Oxygen Meter MO-200 Series
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Apogee Oxygen Meter MO-200 Series $35 $78.75 $150

The Apogee Oxygen Meter MO-200 Series is designed to measure 5–100% oxygen, while the handheld meter displays and stores measurements.

The wide measurement range allows it to be used for applications either in the soil or in the lab with the available diffusion or flow-through heads. The sensor is calibrated to ambient air making it very easy to calibrate. An aluminum housing that is filled with epoxy allows the sensor to withstand harsh conditions.

Measurements are viewable on meter display and downloadable to a PC:
  • (SMPL) 99 Sample Measurements
  • (LOG) 99 Log Measurements
  • Downloadable only: (LOG) 99 Daily Average Measurements