Trimble GeoExplorer GeoXH 2008 GPS Unit
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Trimble GeoExplorer GeoXH 2008 GPS Unit $150 $450 $1,400

For high-accuracy GIS data collection and asset relocation, the Trimble® GeoXH™ handheld from the GeoExplorer® 2008 series is the ultimate integrated solution. Engineered with Trimble H-Star™ technology, the GeoXH handheld delivers the accuracy you need when you need it. It is ideal for electric and gas utilities, water and wastewater services, land reform projects, and other applications where on-the-spot positioning is crucial.

The GeoXH handheld provides real-time subfoot (<30 cm) accuracy with the internal antenna, and decimeter (10 cm) accuracy with an optional Zephyr™ external antenna. Because high accuracy positions are available in real-time, you can track down buried and hidden assets with ease, and excavate cables and pipes without wasted effort or risk of damage to nearby assets. Back-office data processing is eliminated, streamlining asset inventories and as-built mapping jobs.