Heron dipper-T Teflon Free Water Level Meter

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Teflon Free Water Level Meter w/ Detachable Probe - DT 300' $41.25 $96.25 $275

The Heron dipper-T, now available Teflon-Free, water level meter is accurate, reliable, and economical, using the same ergonomically designed reel that is used for the Heron interface meter. The tape on the dipper-T conforms to US GGG-T-106E, a guarantee of accuracy. A cascade proof 5/8 in(16mm) diameter probe is attached to the tape by a strong, flexible link that protects the tape at this vulnerable point. The instrument is used to accurately measure the static water level in boreholes, wells, and standpipes and can be used to monitor water level changes during drawdown tests.