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KStrong Megapod 9.5' Tripod #UFT510010  $898 Add to Cart
KStrong 3-Way SRL 60' #UFS310060R $878 Add to Cart
KStrong Tripod Winch 60' #UFT530060 $638 Add to Cart
KStrong Tripod Bracket for 3-Way SRL #UFT510010B $98 Add to Cart

KStrong Megapod 9.5' Tripod


  • Adjustable height from 99 in. (8.25 ft. or 2.51m) to 114 in. (9.5 ft. or 2.90m) from ground level.
  • At minimum height, distance between legs (foot point) Ø7.03’ (2.14m).
  • At maximum height, distance between legs (foot point) Ø7.6’ (2.32m).
  • Adjustment achieved by sliding telescopic legs (Inner & Outer).
  • Locking pins attached by SS cables.
  • Securely connected two eye bolts to be used for connection to personal protective equipment.
  • Two pulley system provided to pass the wire rope of winch mounted on one leg and retrieval block on the other leg simultaneously.


310 lbs. (140 kg) (As per ANSI Z359.1-2007)

KStrong 3-Way SRL 60'

SRL-R with swivel eye at anchorage end, other end with load indicator swivel locking snap hook. Includes one (1) installation carabiner and one (1) tagline (ANSI)


  • Retrieval fall arrester block in polymer casing coupled with hoisting winch to enable easy retrieval of victim.
  • The locking pin on the side of the casing at the base of the handle allows this dual system to work in independent fall arrest & winch modes.

KStrong Tripod Winch 60'

KStrong® 60 ft. Galvanized wire cable personnel/material rated bi-directional winch for confined spaces. Equipped with the mounting plate and hardware for mounting to KStrong® Megapod Tripod (ANSI).


  • Material or man lifting rescue winch.
  • Mounting plate having four bolts for mounting to Davit Arm DA 01, DA 02, DA 03, DA 04, SA 17 & PN 800/PN 800A with use of specialized brackets.
  • Galvanized steel wire rope of 3/16” (76/406 mm) & length of 60’ (1524 mm) maximum.
  • Equipped with Swivel Steel Snap Hook (PN 144 as per ANSI Z359.12-2009 gate strength 3600 lbs. (1633 kg)) as connector.
  • Handle rotating mechanism for lifting or lowering.