Eureka Manta+20 MP Low Flow Package (Temp/Con/pH/ODO/Depth) Sale
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Eureka Manta+20 Multiprobe Package (Temp/Con/pH/ODO/Depth) - Sale $4,100
Eureka Flow Thru Cell - Manta+20 - Sale $80
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The Manta+ 20 contains the "Big Four" configuration of temp, pH, conductivity and optical DO, with depth and ORP - in a 1.95" diameter housing. It is ideal for site to site profiling, groundwater sampling, and process monitoring. 

  • Measures temp/cond/pH/ORP/ODO/Depth
  • Sturdy and durable sonde for use in all climates
  • 20 hour battery life with full charge
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB port for downloading data to personal Android devices