Field Data Solutions (FDS) was launched in 2012 by the partners of Field Environmental Instruments (FEI) who saw customers' increasing need for a more comprehensive environmental monitoring solution.

     "At FEI, we expand our offerings to anticipate the needs of our customers. We have always offered a more consultative approach as we support our customers in achieving their project goals," said Mitchell Brourman, FEI Managing Partner. "FDS was founded to offer a deeper level of project support where we saw the greatest customer need--in real-time data monitoring."

     The FDS Real-Time Data Network, the company's premier product is praised by many as the flexible, comprehensive solution they needed to complement their expertise as they require remote, real-time data collection and monitoring.

     Following on the heels of its success with the real-time monitoring product, Field Data Solutions launched Miniaturized Well Profiling to help customers avoid costly pump removal and use of test pumps.

     "We are now working closely with the team at BESST, Inc., to install and implement BESST's patented Miniaturized Well Profiling system to our customers," explained Brourman. "There is so much depth, so to speak, in the benefits of deploying this system we had to bring this offering under the FDS umbrella."

     Leading-edge technology brings about positive change in the industries that need to monitor their environmental impact. FDS plans to expand it offerings to continually integrate advanced technologies into its offerings.

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