Policies and shipping procedures can make renting and purchasing equipment a nightmare. FEI has kept the process as simple as possible with an eye on helping you keep costs under control. 


  • You receive clean, calibrated, and functioning equipment each and every time.
  • Prior to leaving our warehouse, each item in your order clears a quality assurance check by at least two FEI representatives.
  • FEI will assist you with determining the most economical and efficient shipping or delivery method available.
  • With notice, equipment is delivered one-day prior to your rental start date to allow you time to review the contents and operational status before starting your project.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with your equipment, FEI will provide replacement equipment to meet your project deadline.
  • In the event of equipment malfunction, FEI will provide technical assistance, support and replacement equipment to complete your project. We will work diligently to resolve issues to your satisfaction.

Rental Policies

  • With local delivery, ground, and standard overnight shipments, the rental period commences the following work day, unless otherwise specified.
  • For equipment delivered or shipped with a delivery commitment time before noon, the rental begins the day equipment is received.
  • For shipped equipment, the rental period ends the business day before equipment is received at one of our locations. For local deliveries, the rental period ends the day you call for pickup.
  • A daily rate is defined as the first working day of the rental period. The daily rate applies until the weekly rate is achieved.
  • A weekly rate is defined as five working days of the rental period. The weekly rate applies until the monthly rate is achieved.
  • Rental rates are pro-rated for both weekly and monthly rentals surpassing one week or month. After a one-week equipment rental period, the subsequent rental days of a second week are invoiced at the pro-rated weekly rate (the weekly rate divided by five working days). After a one-month equipment rental, the subsequent rental days of a second month are invoiced at a pro-rated monthly rate (the monthly rate divided by twenty working days).


  • FEI offers free local delivery and pickup in any of our metro area locations.
  • Equipment ships via UPS or Federal Express worldwide. Each service provides daily delivery as early as 8:30 a.m. If needed, Saturday and same-day delivery are available. (Ask your sales rep for details.)
  • Shipping charges for clients without a designated Federal Express, UPS or common carrier account number will be added to the equipment invoice. It is the client’s responsibility to pay delivery and return shipping charges unless otherwise specified.
  • FEI will drop ship orders from our vendors to clients for out-of-stock items or special orders.

Rental Returns

  • Equipment can be returned to any of our FEI locations via standard next day delivery.
  • Early morning or Saturday delivery is not required.
  • When returning equipment delivered locally by one of FEI's offices, call your sales representative for a return authorization number and to schedule pickup.

New Equipment Returns and Warranties

  • When purchasing new equipment from FEI, the return policy and warranty of the equipment’s original manufacturer will apply.
  • Equipment must be in the original packaging and contain all original documentation.
  • Returns must receive a return authorization before shipping. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Calibration and Maintenance

As part of your rental, instruments are serviced and calibrated to the manufacturer’s specifications. You will not be charged additional fees.

Equipment Expectations

FEI must be notified immediately when equipment is missing, defective or malfunctioning. Waiting until the end of a rental period to declare missing, damaged or malfunctioning equipment will not secure appropriate credit. It is imperative that FEI be notified to ensure your satisfaction.

Standby Rental Fees

FEI understands the rental period may change because of unexpected delays and/or conditions. If you have already received your equipment, please notify us if your rental period needs to change. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, however standby rental fees may apply. Please contact your sales representative for details.