Data management and reporting options deliver the critical information you require—where, when and how you want it. With your secure web user interface, you have access to your real-time data in the format and reports you choose. Web pages are designed exclusively for your project so you are empowered to access real-time data and get the reports you need.

The FDS Real-Time Data Network includes a variety of alert options. Physical alarms notify on-site personnel. Text/SMS and email alerts provide peace of mind to site managers who need to be notified, no matter where they are located.

FEI Built to SPEC WebUI
Sample FDS Real-Time Data Network Web UI

Choose Web UI Service Level


Level I – Web UI Data Viewing

This base level of service provides for multiple users to access real-time data via an Internet browser.
  • Standard device parameters, units and display
  • Web UI alerts of alarm limit notifications

Level II - Remote Notifications

Level I features plus:
  • Remote notifications of alert and alarm settings for the connected devices
  • Remote support to text/SMS and email, the list of recipients is customizable
  • Standard messages include the limits exceeded, parameter value, date/time, location and a confirmation step to ensure the message has been acknowledged

Level III - Data Retrieval and Reporting

Level I and II features plus data reporting services including:
  • Data export and download support from the Web UI
  • Access to standard report formats
  • Data archiving during the project

Level IV - Custom Application Support

  • Level I-III features
  • Support of client-specific reports 
  • Automated data summary reporting 
  • Custom Web UI features 
  • Advanced alarm settings 
  • Additional notification features
  • Other custom data support and solutions


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