Cherne Gripper Locking ID Well Plugs

Product Sheet

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Cherne's Gripper® plugs can be used in a variety of applications including DWV (drain, waste and vent) testing and stack testing. End-of-Pipe design won't fall in, whereas the Inside-of-Pipe design allows you to locate the plug inside the pipe as far as you need. Time tested, the Gripper® remains one of the most popular mechanical plugs on the market.

The Original Gripper® Plug features:

  • Ideal for sewer testing and long-term applications
  • Made with glass-reinforced ABS plastic
  • End-of-pipe design seals only at the end of a pipe
  • Inside-of-pipe design seals inside pipe as far as needed

The Original Gripper® Plug is equipped with:

  • Easy to install extra large zinc wing nut – won't rust
  • Natural rubber o-ring
  • Galvanized carriage bolt to prevent corrosion