"Experience beyond rentals" is the FEI Advantage!

The FEI Advantage is comprised of the often overlooked details that support your project beyond just providing you with rental equipment. It's what sets us apart from our competition.

The FEI Advantage


Download our new Rental Manager App today and schedule equipment returns, page through our online catalog, and easily contact your local FEI office. Download the app today in your phone's app store!

Free Rental Day   FREE RENTAL DAY

Rental period STARTS the day after you receive the equipment (except for morning deliveries) and ENDS the business day before FEI receives the equipment; for LOCAL PICKUP, the rental period ends the day you call


Convenient Locations   13 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS

Each location has been strategically located to serve customers where we can respond quickly to their project needs

Easy Ordering   EASY ORDERING

EMAIL YOUR LOCAL REP - Send an email directly to your customer account representative.
CALL YOUR LOCAL REP - Field Environmental Instruments has 13 convenient, full-service locations throughout the United States.
ORDER ONLINE - Explore our website to see our expansive inventory


Free Local Delivery and Pickup   FREE LOCAL DELIVERY AND PICKUP

All FEI branches maintain a fleet of vehicles standing by to deliver your instrumentation, equipment and supplies. FEI will even pick up your rental items when your project is complete


Same Day Shipping   SAME DAY SHIPPING

Rentals ship via UPS or Federal Express worldwide, providing daily delivery as early as 8:30 a.m.; make return shipping arrangements when you place your order and documents needed for returning rentals can be packaged with your equipment.


24/7 Tech Support   24/7 TECH SUPPORT

Equipment and instrument technicians ready to support you 24/7, before, during, and after your rental


Order Tracking   ORDER TRACKING

Email confirmations with tracking numbers help you manage your rental.


Stocked Inventory   STOCKED INVENTORY

All locations maintain a comprehensive inventory of instrumentation, equipment, supplies and safety items