TGIFEI: Charlie Moore & Team Recover Important Data for Client 

Friday, February 15 — Customer service sometimes requires more than just making sure an order is shipped on time in good working condition. Even when Field Environmental Instruments’ rental equipment performs to expectations, a customer might still need assistance.

FEI team members in Atlanta and Pittsburgh recently combined to help a client who rented a CEL 633 Real Time Octave Band Analyzer Type 1 in October, 2018. The unit, which measures noise levels in variable climates, performed well for the customer during a one-day rental.

But in January, 2018, the client’s computer crashed and the data disappeared. Was there anything FEI could do? Clarissa Pinkerton in FEI’s Pittsburgh office contacted Charlie Moore at the Atlanta branch to see if it was possible to retrieve the data. He enlisted technician Jeremy Sloan to see if that was possible.

When Sloan successfully recovered the data from octave band analyzer, the client sent the following message:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You are a life saver. That is exactly what we needed.

Good work by Clarissa, Charlie and Jeremy!