TGIFEI: FEI Los Angeles Ensures Quality

QED MP 50Friday, December 7—Last-minute orders can be challenging. Just ask Gary Yamron, Field Environmental Instruments’ president of Western Operations. Recently Yamron, working out of FEI’s Los Angeles branch, had to quickly turn around requests by two clients that arrived at the end of work days.

The key to being able to fill these critical orders is as simple as the Boy Scout motto, Be prepared.

“You have to make sure your equipment is maintained and calibrated to manufacturer’s specs,” Yamron says.

Calibration doesn’t mean 98 or even 99 percent. Nothing less than 100 percent accuracy will suffice before an FEI instrument is sent to clients. Maintenance also should include a yearly calibration by the manufacturer.

While most customers plan ahead for projects, natural disasters can stress the most efficient companies. FEI has been especially flexible in supporting clients involved in combatting fires, floods, tornados, and other unpredictable disasters.

“You can’t plan for it,” Yamron says. “Any type of IH work – industrial hygiene – which is inside facilities, that’s last minute stuff. You have to be prepared and have that type of equipment in your office.”

The importance of preparing and maintaining equipment also is important to protect FEI’s business interests. If a rental isn’t “buttoned up 110 percent,” the company can be liable for any defects or problems.
“If it’s not, they can come back to us,” he says, adding that “We pride ourselves in making sure that our equipment is top quality in every aspect.”