TGIFEI: FEI Minnesota Goes Above and Beyond

Jacob BermanFriday, April 5 — We always ask the question “What makes FEI different?" Here’s a note written by Joe Kearney at our Minnesota office about his excellent customer service. 

Earlier in the week, we received a rental for a Gem 5000+ and data-logging was a very important aspect to the rental. When these requests come in I tend to put myself in the customers shoes and try to experience all the issues they might come across so we can offer "up-front ahead of time" tools and resources should they need to call for tech help. We also have some insight into potential issues if there are any. This also ensures our boxes are checked and that we deliver as company promise: Equipment that works when it leaves our facility!

What you see in this photo is something that we have tried to consistently do out here when a data-log request comes in. It’s especially helpful when each instrument has its little idiosyncrasies. The photo contains - all the normal things however here's the little things we included extra: A typed up- simplified - step-by-step guide to connecting and downloading as well as pink "post it Markers" in the manual for the customer to quickly reference. In addition to the calibration documents there is a sample test that we performed, logged, downloaded and printed a report that we successfully attempted this.

Had we not done this, then we would not have discovered that GEM cable is in fact a bad cable, yesterday. A roadblock we didn’t foresee.

I would also like to mention that, under my direction and little help, this task was delegated to Ashrene Mohammed and I think he did a really nice job on this.

Thanks Joe, FEI is the Standard!