Trey Klopfenstein

Monday, October 22—Trey Klopfenstein has one of the longest names in Field Environmental Instrument’s directory. He also has one of the most impressive resumes. 

Klopfenstein, the recently hired FEI branch manager in Portland, Oregon, has Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in geological sciences from Ohio University. He’s taken courses on geophysics and sequence stratigraphy, and conducted field research at natural sites in Ohio and Southern California.

Not bad for a guy who grew up in a farming town in Northwest Ohio where the flat landscape produced little more than corn and beans.

“In high school I kept hearing about these crazy landscapes in nature that were so bizarre,” Klopfenstein says. “It was something I couldn’t imagine growing up in a region that was bland as far as the physical environment goes.” 

After taking a writing class in which the topic was post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at a community college, Klopfenstein, spurred by a sense of patriotism, decided to enroll in the US Army Reserves.

For many young people, the challenge of balancing monthly military obligations with classwork and a part-time job would be overwhelming. Not for Klopfenstein, who eventually enrolled at Ohio University where he developed a passion for geology.

“I learned to embrace the active mindset,” he says. “I started to enjoy always having something to do and learn.”

Anthony Visco, FEI managing partner, says Klopfenstein’s skill set meshes with the company’s commitment to serving the environmental needs of customers in the Pacific Northwest.
“Trey is an excellent addition to the team,” Visco says.

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