After wildfires destroyed vast tracts of land and numerous structures in California in 2018, there was a need to monitor the air for both dust and contaminants. Residents were understandably concerned about ongoing air quality issues.

Field Data Services, Field Environmental Instruments’ partner company, was able to help alleviate apprehensions by installing a community air monitoring program (CAMP). The CAMP systems, featuring solar-powered air monitors linked to a web application, FDS Connect®, were deployed in areas affected by the wildfires. Real-time data produced by the system was accessible to residents through laptops, tablets, cell phones or any other device connected to the internet.

CAMP systems kept residents apprised of air quality in neighborhoods that survived the wildfires but were subject to concentrations of ash and other particulates when winds picked up. The system was especially useful in areas where at-risk populations, notably seniors and children, resided or congregated, and was deployed near hospitals, schools, and retirement homes.