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Renting environmental equipment makes good business sense. Once you add up the cost of maintenance, repairs, warehousing, and staff resources, owning equipment can be a costly proposition. FEI makes the decision to rent easy. Click here to learn more about the value of renting equipment. 

Turn to FEI with confidence

When you call FEI, your sales representative gathers specific project details to ensure you receive the proper environmental equipment and supplies for your application. Then the FEI service team conducts thorough preparation procedures that duplicate what you encounter in the field so equipment is cleaned, calibrated, and functioning with precision.

FEI goes beyond fulfilling equipment rental orders. Because circumstances arise in the field, FEI is flexible, offering technical support and services that support your project goals. Your satisfaction is our priority, so your requests for environmental equipment and technical support are handled easily and with your convenience in mind.

Snapshot of reasons to rent from FEI

  • You receive a free transit day to review order contents and check the equipment.
  • Email confirmations with tracking numbers help you manage your rental.
  • Carryover rental periods eliminate repeat shipping charges.
  • You can transfer equipment for multiple projects and events.
  • You are not charged minimum order or expedite fees for same-day requests.
  • With FEI’s 24-hour tech support line you get responsive action when you encounter any issues on site.

Explore FEI's Vast Rental Inventory

Click on the rental categories below to see the equipment and instrumentation available for rent.

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