Zefon Deluxe All-in-One Bag Sampling Chamber Sale
Operation Manual
 Zefon Vacuum Chamber Zefon All-In-One Sampling Chamber (#ZA0320)  $1,811.54

A complete all-in-one bag sampling chamber that includes internal pump and battery.


  • Fully integrated internal pump -- no separate pump to buy or connect
  • Battery powered (take up to 100 samples on a full charge)
  • Large viewing window allows monitoring of the bag filling process
  • Fills bag without sample passing through pump
  • Overfill cut off switch prevents bag overfilling
  • Fits bags sized 0.5L to 1.0L
  • Clear lid makes it easy to watch
  • Flexible, high purity Tygon® connection tubing
  • Purge function to flush bag
  • Relatively lightweight at 8.5lbs