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Unit w/30M Tape (#1603) $1,099 Add to Cart Unit w/100' Tape (#1600) $1,283 Add to Cart
Unit w/60M Tape (#1604) $1,279 Add to Cart Unit w/200' Tape (#1601) $1,279 Add to Cart
Unit w/100M Tape (#1605) $1,459 Add to Cart Unit w/300' Tape (#1602) $1,459 Add to Cart
Unit w/150M Tape (#1608) $1,839 Add to Cart Unit w/500' Tape (#1606) $1,839 Add to Cart
The Heron dipper-T Temperature Meter enables temperature profiling as well as measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes. Temperature readings appear on the digital display read out in the center electronic module as degrees Celsius only. The dipper-T Temperature Meter is available in lengths up to 500ft (150m). A padded carrying bag is included. Heron’s top selling water level meter, #1 for accuracy, reliability and value.

The dipper-T Temperature Meter uses premium high tensile steel, easy read yellow tape jacketed in clear Kynar – able to withstand attacks by hydrocarbons, solvents and other harsh contaminants. The electronic module on the dipper-T Temperature Meter includes a high contrast digital LCD display. The temperature of the water is highly visible in the field and a large bright LED and buzzer on the electronic module signals water level. The unit runs on a single nine volt battery in an easy access battery drawer located on the front of the module.


  • Audio on/off control
  • Battery Test button
  • Maximum measured temperature 110 degrees C
  • +/-0.50˚C accuracy
  • 0.0625˚C resolution
  • Padded Carry case included Options
  • Lengths up to 500ft (150m)