AquaBlok HoleBlok

Spec Sheet

HoleBlok 1/4" (50-lb bag) $26 Add to Cart
HoleBlok 3/8" (50-lb bag) $22 Add to Cart
HoleBlok Plus 1/4" (50-lb bag) $34 Add to Cart
HoleBlok Plus 3/8" (50-lb bag) $30 Add to Cart

Sealing and Chemical Barrier for Well and Drilling Applications

HoleBlok® composite particle system from AquaBlok® offers the following benefits compared to other pellets and chips: 
  • High-percent solids—Produces a self-compacting seal at bottom of annular area.
  • Less mechanical bridging—Pebble shape minimizes sharp angles.
  • No "blinding off" the bentonite center as has been shown with core of pellets.
  • Faster drop velocity—More than 30% faster than chips.
  • Higher mass and bulk density.
  • Maintains structural support of seal in vadose zone.
  • All HoleBlok products can be delivered by tremie, if required.

AquaBlok HoleBlok standard replacement for pellets and granules. Seals and aids in prevention of water pollution.