Dielectric Helium Leak Detector MGD-2002
Specification Sheet
Operation Manual
Dielectric Helium Leak Detector MGD-2002 $225 $525 $1,500

Pinpoint accuracy in pressurized system leak detection is available now with the Dielectric Helium Leak Detector MGD-2002, Multi-Gas Detector, the newest product in Dielectrics fine line of leak locating products. No other product incorporates all of the features of the MGD-2002 in a convenient, handheld device.

Convenient and easy to use, the Dialectric Helium Leak Detector MGD-2002 is designed for one-handed operation of all functions. Equipped with a tactile membrane keypad, all selections are easily confirmed with a distinctive click and the backlit display can be viewed in all light conditions. The MGD-2002 is supplied with a built-in headphone jack for use with the audio indicator.