FEI repairs, cleans, calibrates, and services most environmental equipment. Even if you don’t see your instrument listed here, give us a call today. We repair the industry’s most popular units.

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How to request equipment repairs

Get return authorization number: Please call our Pittsburgh office to receive a return authorization number - 800-393-4009.

Complete form: Submit your request using the Return Authorization Form online. You will receive a copy of your form via e-mail.

Send your equipment: Enclose a copy of the e-mail confirmation with your equipment. (Please do not send calibration gas with your equipment.)

FEI Repair Services Description

Download the FEI Repair Services Description for the list of services and rates. 


FEI Repairs    
RAE SystemsPhotovac*Honeywell*
MiniRAE 3000 2020 Classic Impact Pro
MiniRAE 2000 2020 Pro Impact
MiniRAE Classic 2020 Pro Plus MiniMAX X4
QRAE 2020 GasPro MicroMAX
QRAE Plus 2020 ppbPro MiniMAX XT/XP
MulltiRAE MicroFID  
MultiRAE Plus  
MultiRAE IR    
U-22 Series 556 MPS Handheld Meters
U-10 Series 6-Series Water Quality pH/Con 10
U-50 Series Econosense 300 Series
  55, 550, 550-A DO 310 Series
  30 Cond Oakton Pens
  60 pH  
  63 pH/Cond  
  85 DO/Cond  
Myron LThermo  
6P Ultrameter 580B  
4P Ultrameter  TVA 1000  



Repair Rates
AIR MONITORINGCalibrationClean and Cal
PID $75 $150
FID $125 $175
Water Quality $75 $150
5 Gas Meter $100 $150



Clean and Cal

YSI 556


YSI 600XL / 6820


YSI 55 / 550 DO


Horiba U-22


Horiba U-10


Myron L / Oakton




Clean and Cal

Grundfos Rewire


ProActive Rewire


ProActive Rewire & Refurb


Additional Labor Charge


(all other repairs are subject
to additional labor charges)

NIST Traceable Temperature Certification: $150
(Certificate and traceablility documents provided with service)

Only set prices are listed. All other repairs subject to additional parts and labor charges.