H2scan HY-ALERTA 500 Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector
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H2scan HY-ALERTA 500 $135 $315 $900

Because detecting and locating hydrogen leaks as quickly as possible is so important, Field Environmental Instruments carries H2scan’s HYALERTA ™ 500 Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector. It's a versatile, portable hydrogen leak detector able to respond to the widest range of hydrogen gas concentrations without the need of any peripheral equipment.

The sensor probe has a unique visual LED array that will navigate to the source of a hydrogen leak where hydrogen gas is produced, used, transported, or stored. With two sensing elements on the same semiconductor die, the HY-ALERTA™ 500 can detect hydrogen leaks as low as 15 ppm and will not saturate or be destroyed when detecting high concentrations of hydrogen up to 100%. The flexible cable allows the sensor probe access to virtually all potential leak sources.

Key Features

  • Hydrogen Sensitivity Range:
    • 15 ppm to 100% hydrogen by volume
    • No peripheral equipment needed
  • Initial Response Time: in seconds
  • Ingress Protection: IP64 capable
  • Field Verification/Calibration Period: 1 year
  • Product Life Expectancy: 10 years