Jerome 431-X Mercury Vapor Analyzer
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Jerome 431-X Mercury Vapor Analyzer $187.50  $472.50  $1,350

The Jerome 431-X mercury vapor analyzer uses a patented gold film sensor for accurate detection and measurement of toxic mercury vapor in the air. This portable hand-held unit can easily be carried to locations with mercury concerns for applications such as industrial hygiene monitoring, mercury spill clean up and mercury exclusion testing. Simple, push-button operation allows users to measure mercury levels from 03 to 0.999 mg/m3 in just seconds.

The gold film sensor is inherently stable and selective to mercury, eliminating interferences common to ultraviolet analyzers, such as water vapor and hydro-carbons. When the sample cycle is activated, the internal pump in the 431-X draws a precise volume of air over the sensor. Mercury in the sample is adsorbed and integrated by the sensor, registering it as proportional change in electrical resistance. The instrument computes the concentration of mercury in milligrams per cubic meter or nanograms, and displays the final result in the LCD readout. An improved film regeneration circuit in the 431-X makes the sensor last even longer than earlier models.