Jerome 631-X H2S Analyzer
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With the push of a single button, the portable Jerome 631-X hydrogen sulfide analyzer displays low-level concentrations in just seconds.It offers an analysis range of 0.003 - 50 ppm for odor and corrosion control, safety, and leak detection in such industries as wastewater treatment, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and farming. This simple-to-use instrument weighs only 7 pounds, utilizes an internal rechargeable battery pack or AC power, and is easily carried to suspected sources of hydrogen sulfide for detection and measurement. Locked in survey mode, the 631-X automatically displays hydrogen sulfide concentrations as quickly as every 3 seconds.

The Jerome 631-X utilizes a patented gold film sensor. The instrument's selectivity to hydrogen sulfide eliminates interferences from sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and water vapors. When the sample button is pressed, an internal pump draws air into the instrument. Any hydrogen sulfide in the sample is absorbed by the sensor which registers a proportional change in electrical resistance. The hydrogen sulfide concentration is displayed on the LCD, where it remains until the next sample is taken.