Lumex 915 Gas Analyzer RPC Option (Pyrolysis Vapor)
Specification Sheet
Lumex 915 Gas Analyzer RPC Option $300 $900 $2,700

The Lumex 915 Mercury Vapor Analyzer with RPC attachment is used for determination of mercury concentration in solid samples  (soil, rocks, sediments, etc.). The attachment is intended for thermal decomposition of a sample and transferring of bound Hg from ion to atomic form and further determination of atomic Hg using Lumex 915 analyzer.

Features and benefits

  • Express Hg content determination in soil, rocks, sediments and samples with low content of organic substances by pyrolysis technique
  • High selectivity of analysis
  • Wide dynamic range
  • User-friendly interface
  • Visualization of the process of Hg coming from the sample
  • Automatic control of level of non-selective absorption