Lumex RA915M Mercury Vapor Analyzer
Specification Sheet
Lumex Lumex RA915M Mercury Vapor Analyzer $675 $1,575 $4,500

The RA-915M Mercury Vapor Analyzer is widely accepted as the most accurate and sensitive mercury vapor analyzer. Whether used as a standalone instrument for mercury vapor measurements or with a variety of available attachments to analyze solids, liquids, and complex matrices, the RA-915M is unrivaled in its capabilities.
An updated version of the RA-915 Plus, the RA-915M, offers the same quality design and engineering as its predecessor. However, it includes new features such as a new lightweight outer casing, built-in backlit screen display, automated calibration test cell, and a USB cable connection.


  • Zeeman Background Correction
  • Real-time measurements in air and gases
  • Listed on the US EPA recommended Emergency Response Equipment List
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Lowest detection limit and highest selectivity on the market
  • Fully automated, simple to operate
  • Controlled by keypad or computer via USB interface
  • Rechargeable lithium battery, up to 12 hours of operation
  • Rugged design for laboratory and field
  • Portable (canvas shoulder bag)
  • Built-in data logger (122 h), performance verification test cell and auto-zero function
  • Direct determination of mercury in solids and liquids within 60 sec
  • Wide dynamic measurement range (Four orders of magnitude)
  • No sample prep or conditioning
  • Catalyst and carrier gases-free operation
  • Automated Lamp Ignition Button
  • Automated Test Verification Cell