Bascom-Turner Gas-Rover (Natural Gas)
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Bascom-Turner Gas Rover Detector (Natural Gas Only, 1 ppm) #VGI-201 $148.15 $345.65 $987.50
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Bascom-Turner Gas Rover Detector (Natural Gas Only, % Gas Only) #VGI-211 $148.15 $345.65 $987.50
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Bascom-Turner Gas Rover 3' Probe $7.50 $17.50 $50
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The Bascom-Turner Gas-RoverTM can be used for handheld or mobile surveys and for responding to indoor or outdoor leak calls. The Gas-Rover locates leaks, grades them, does safety checks and, in the process, greatly reduces the number of bar-holes needed to be placed on the property. What makes the Gas-Rover so versatile is its calibrated accuracy in the PPM range of gas, its intrinsic safety, its optional carbon monoxide and oxygen sensors, and its extensive and automatic data collection and storage. The Gas-Rover also has optional GPS capabilities that attach longitude and latitude coordinates to any leak survey.

Survey on Foot or By Truck

The Bascom-Turner Gas-Rover can be used for leak surveys on foot or by vehicle. Since it also provides all the functions of a CGI, it can be used to bar-hole in the course of a survey whenever necessary.

Track, Locate, and Grade

Outdoor tracking and locating are done with the Survey mode of the Bascom-Turner Gas-Rover. Grading is done with the Bar-hole mode. The Customer Ser-vice technician can use the Gas-Rover to surface sample the suspected leak area prior to placing any bar-holes, and can then begin bar-holing in the area where the Gas-Rover indicated the presence of gas. This greatly reduces bar-holes placed outside the actual leak area.

An average gas utility may place several hundred thousand bar-holes in the course of a single year, many of which return a zero reading. Reducing the number of bar-holes, perhaps by as much as half, significantly reduces wear and tear on the workforce and their equipment, and increases productivity.