Tisch TE-1000 PUF Air Sampler Monitor
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Tisch TE-1000 PUF Air Sampler Monitor $101.25  $236.25  $675 

The Tisch TE 1000 PUF Air Sampler Monitor is a complete system designed to simultaneously collect suspended airborne particulates as well as trap airborne pesticide vapors at flow rates up to 280 liters per minute. The monitor features the latest in technological advances for accurately measuring airborne particulates and vapors.

A dual chambered aluminum sampling module contains both filtering systems. The upper chamber supports the airborne particulate filter media in a circular filter holder. The lower chamber encapsulates a glass cartridge which contains the PolyUrethane Foam for vapor entrapment.

Features and benefits

  • Samples semivolatile organic compounds
  • Especially designed for sampling airbourne particulates and vapor contamination from pesticide compounds
  • Successfully demonstrated to efficiently collect a number of organochlorine and organophosphate pesticides
  • By-pass blower motor design permits continuous sampling for extended periods at rates to 280 liters per minute
  • Proven sampler components housed in an anodized aluminum shelter for outdoor service
  • Samples in accordance with U.S. EPA Method TO-4, "Method for the Determination of Organochlorine Pesticides and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Ambient Air"