Tisch TE-6070 PM10 High Volume Air Sampler
Operation Manual
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Tisch TE 1000 PUF Air Sampler Monitor $125  $375  $1,125

The TE-6070 is a high volume ambient PM10 air sampler featuring a mass flow controller (MFC) for accurate and consistent particulate sampling. The mass flow controller adjust the motor speed as the filter media collects particulate to maintain a constant flow rate throughout the entire sample duration. The system utilizes a stainless steel filter holder for use with standard 8" x 10" filter paper. The anodized aluminum shelter and robust electrical components allow the system to operate a continuous 24 hour sample. The TE-6070 is well suited for all applications that require the use of a Federal Reference Method high volume PM10 particulate sampler.

Features and benefits

  • Meets EPA CFR, Appendix J to Part 50
  • PM10 Size Selective Inlet
  • Mass Flow Controlled
  • 7-Day Mechanical Timer
  • Elapsed Time Indicator
  • Aluminum Outdoor Shelter
  • Brush Style Motor
  • Dickson Chart Recorder, 24 Hour
  • Stainless Steel Filter Holder
  • Filter Paper Cartridge
  • 36-44 CFM
  • Made in USA
  • Federal Reference Method 0202-141