TSI PortaCount 8048 (115V Generator) Respirator Fit Tester #8048
Product Specifications 
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TSI PortaCount 8048 (115V Generator) Respirator Fit Tester #8048 $435 $1,015 $2,900

PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester utilizes the most effective quantitative fit testing method available to identify poor fitting masks. Industry-first features train staff how to wear respirators for optimal protection. Have confidence with the most trusted fit test instrument to increase your staff’s safety, and improve your program’s efficiency and productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • OSHA, CSA, HSE INDG, ANSI/ASTM, ISO, INRS and JIS accepted for ALL Full-facepiece and Half-facepiece tight fitting elastomeric respirators and filtering facepiece respirators, including NIOSH Series -95 /-99 /-100; EN -P1 / -P2 / P3 filter media. Measures fit factors from 1 to greater than 10,000
  • Computes respirator fit factor using microscopic particles in ambient air
  • Automates fit testing with FitPro™ Ultra Software
  • Real-Time FitCheck™ Mode to train new users and troubleshoot failed fit tests Mask sampling adapter kits enable fit testing in employee’s personal respirators
  • Software can print fit test cards with fit test report