Thermo Scientific pDR-1500 (Personal DataRAM)

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Thermo Scientific pDR-1500 $157.50 $367.50 $1,050

The Thermo Scientific personal DataRAM pDR-1500 is a personal aerosol instrument that offers benchtop performance. A fully integrated, active, volumetrically controlled, personal sampling instrument with greater precision, increased capabilities, and decreased size and weight in an easy to use package.

Capable of compensating for all typical environmental variables, the pDR-1500 is outfitted for relative humidity compensation, true volumetric flow, pressure compensation and legacy pDR nephelometry technology. The pDR-1500 aerosol monitor also features interchangeable cyclones for superior particle-cut points available for PM10 & PM4 or PM2.5 & PM1, as well as an integrated sample filter that enables post-gravimetric validation of all data.