TSI P-Trak 8525 Ultrafine Particle Counter
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TSI P-Trak 8525, EQSQ Class 3 $179.25 $418.25 $1,195

The TSI P-Trak® Ultrafine Particle Counter (UPC) is a totally new approach to eliminating IAQ problems. This portable instrument detects and counts ultrafine or nanoparticles (smaller than 1 micrometer in aerodynamic diameter) that often accompany or signal the presence of a pollutant that is the root cause of complaints. It is now being used to track down some of the most difficult IAQ problems imaginable.

The P-TRAK UPC locates obvious pollutant sources such as boilers, furnaces, vehicles and also detects the not-so-obvious sources such as photocopy machines and printers. Use this instrument to detect the migration of toxic exhaust gases, malfunctioning office equipment, pinhole gasket leaks in boilers and a wide variety of other problems.