Ludlum Model 3 Radiation Monitor
Monitor Specifications
44-6 Probe Specifications
44-9 Probe Specifications
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Unit w/44-6 Probe $47.25 $110.25 $315
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Unit w/44-9 Probe $47.25 $110.25 $315
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This is Ludlum's best selling, general purpose, handheld analog ratemeter known for accuracy and long-lasting dependability. The analog meter comes in a variety of measurement ranges and units to support the external radiation detector selected.

The aluminum cast instrument housing with its separate battery compartment and accompanying metal handle offer an industrial robustness and quality that promote long-lasting protection and instrument life. The front-panel controls include a rotary switch for selecting the four-decade range, instrument shut-off, and battery test, an audio on/off switch, a fast/slow response switch, and a count reset button.

The 44-6 probe for beta detection and a one meter (39 in.) straight type detector cable with "C" style connector are included in this instrument rental.