Victoreen 450B Ion Chamber Survey Meter (Alpha, Beta, Gamma)
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Victoreen 450B Ion Chamber Survey Meter $90 $210 $600

The Victoreen 450B Ion Chamber Survey Meter is an innovative radiation survey instrument. It is based on the proven characteristics of the ion chamber radiation detector married to the latest CMOS microprocessor technology and liquid crystal displays.

The only controls present on the basic instrument are an ON/OFF button and a MODE button. No other controls are necessary because the instrument is both auto-ranging and auto-zeroing.

The display is unique, offering both a 100 element analog bargraph that is fully labelled with scale digits and a 2 1/2 digit digital display that also provides the proper units of measurement. The bar graph is provided with a faster time constant than the digital display making the instrument ideal for surveys.

The top surface of the instrument has an overlay which covers both of the display switches, completely sealing this surface. The instrument is fully gasketed to make it moisture proof. The gasket also serves to shock-mount the printed circuit boards, liquid crystal display, and ion chamber assembly.